I’m observing a pattern that distresses me in the vent community. Our younger vents, and I mean ones in the teen years, are starting to rely on “blue” or suggestive material in their dialogs. I’ve seen it at the Vent Haven ConVENTion and I’ve witnessed it at other conventions where vent is an option. To see this happening makes me uneasy and a bit sad.

The old adage “when it doubt..leave it out!” needs to be a part of the vernacular of every vent. Sure, a cheap off-color joke make get a laugh, but do you want to be known as an entertainer who relies on this kind of material? If a line could be misconstrued as suggestive the best course of action is to leave this line out or rewrite it so that the meaning is clear.

There is also something upsetting about seeing a juvenile vent spouting this kind of material. It demeans the vent and demeans the art. Now I know that some will say I saw this pro vent use that kind of material or such and such vent does stuff like that and is successful, but is it really necessary for YOU to do that? The great Edgar Bergen once said “if you’re funny enough you don’t have to be dirty!” and these are truly words to live by. Strive to be CLEVER instead of dirty. Strive to be funny with situations and great characterizations rather to rely on the quick and easy suggestive joke.

We’ve unfortunately are becoming a world where vulgarity is becoming common place. It is reflected in our television programs and our movies. The GREAT don’t do this, and I want you to become GREAT!

Maybe you need a starter course in what funny material is about. You only need to go to the Maher online catalog and take a look at our family and kidshow scripts. Tom, Ken and I have worked hard to bring good material to you. Afterall, here at Maher we strive to be the best and we can only do that if we help you strive to be your best also!

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