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Ventriloquism Courses

The Maher Course Of Ventriloquism – Detweiler Version

The original Maher Course of Ventriloquism was updated & expanded by Clinton Detweiler. The course was published as 30 small booklets. Two tests were included, which had to be completed for students to graduate. The course was considered the gold standard in the vent community.

Today, the lessons have been transcribed and released as 30 Kindle books. This way, the course can be taken at your own pace as finances allow. Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon offers free apps so you can read the lessons on your computer, tablet or smart phone. We now offer the tests online and graduates receive certificates by PDF.

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The Learn Ventriloquism Course

In 2012, I created the first online virtual ventriloquism course. The time released lessons give students a chance to practice before moving on. Those exercises help build a solid foundation for the skill. Today, the Learn Ventriloquism course is one of the most respected in the art. With a total of 36 lessons and 2 bonus articles, it teaches material that no other ventriloquism course offers.

The course is available on Sign up today and get your first five lessons for free. Click here to visit the web site …

Ventriloquism By Bob Neller

Maher Ventriloquist Studios is thrilled to bring back one of our old products! The CD is no longer in production, so we have converted the audio to create MP3 files. Now you can instantly download, listen and learn from one of yesterday’s master ventriloquists!

The Bob Neller audio instruction Course on Ventriloquism is still regarded as one of the best. Prepared after more than 40 years of professional performances. Hear Bob explain clearly and precisely how to produce the proper ventriloquist voice with perfect diction. And Neller’s technique and instruction on Distant Voice Production and presentation is not only unique, but truly amazing. For the novice or Professional.

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Comedy Conversations

Laugh and learn with two of the top comedy guys in the field of ventriloquism. This audio is like having a conversation with them in your own living room. Discover some of the comedy secrets used by these two successful performers.

Originally released on CDs at their Vent Haven ConVENTion lecture, Maher Studios has converted the original recordings to MP3’s for you to download. You’ll listen to these again and again!

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Lip Service

Challenge yourself ventriloquially! Lip Service is the first audio practice session of its kind. Starting with breathing warm ups, you will be challenged with difficult letters, words and groupings. Have fun with original tongue twisters and even learn some poems that may make their way into your act.

10 challenging tracks to help keep your vent skills sharp. Listen while driving, exercising or anytime you want to laugh and have some fun.

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Comedy Writing For Kid Shows

Mark Wade, “America’s Foremost Children’s Ventriloquist”, shares some of his secrets and insights into the world of comedy for kids. In this audio book you’ll learn the “Kidshow Joke Formula”, joke construction, many different “spins” that will help you find the funny … and much more!

If you work kid shows, this is a must have audio book. Any variety entertainer that performs for children will benefit from Mark’s insights and 35 plus years of experience.

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Ask The Pros

Enjoy an audio ride with Mark Wade, Ken Groves & Tom Crowl as Jody Wade “asks the pros” questions submitted by Maher Studios clients. For almost 60 minutes, the trio share their insights based on more than 95 years combined experience as professional entertainers.

The concept was based on Mark & Ken’s popular Comedy Conversations available above. You will laugh and learn with this fun informative audio.

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Ventriloquists Mark Wade & Todd Oliver sit down to talk with Tom about the fastest path to getting shows. This is a business lesson, not a magic bullet! What does a busy, self-employed ventriloquist do to keep themselves working and paying the bills? You will find out in an informative, no-nonsense discussion. Put this information to work in your career and you will get more shows.

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Putting Money Where Your Mouth I$

Written by a long time friend of Maher Studios, Dale Brown has published a goldmine of information at a price anyone can afford. Take your vent act to the next level in terms of comedy dialogs, customizing your show and business/marketing tactics. “Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is” provides step-by-step information for aspiring ventriloquists on how to take their careers to the next level by writing better scripts, improving performance, promoting on a higher level, and succeeding as professional entertainers.

There is something in this book for every level of the art, from hobbyist to professional. For more information click here …

Kid Show Ventriloquism by Mark Wade

A classic book by one of America’s leading children’s entertainers, Mark Wade teaches everything from ventriloquism technique to complete comedy routines for kid shows. His years as a full-time performer give him the credibility to write with authority on how to get the best reaction from children’s audiences.

Originally released in 1996, the book has not been available in print for several years. Maher now releases Mark’s masterpiece in PDF format to read on your computer, Kindle, tablet or phone. For more information click here …

How To Get Gigs Entertaining On Cruise Ships

This eBook is available on my web site: and through

If you’ve ever wanted to work cruise ships, this ebook is for you. It not only offers advice on how to book the gigs, but what to expect when you arrive and how to deal with life onboard. In addition to my own cruise ship experience working with several different lines, I interviewed other cruise ship entertainers for their insights. In addition to the eBook, you also receive access to their video interviews.  Click here for details … 

How To Vent Your Expressions by Cliff Taylor

How To Vent Your Expressions is the complete guide to portraying Emotions, Expressions and Actions! Bring your ventriloquist figure (or stage puppet) to LIFE by using this amazing reference book to learn how to manipulate your puppet or figure in the most life like manner.

Originally released in 1989, the book has not been available in print for years. Maher now releases an updated PDF format version, with easier to read text and built in links to make finding the information fast & easy. Download to read on your computer, Kindle, tablet or phone, or print for your enjoyment. For more information click here …

Advanced Ventriloquism

“Advanced Ventriloquism” is the next step enabling you to become a polished, knowledgable performer! Build upon your basic skills. Become a master performer. Laugh as you learn! Mark will show you the secrets that will make you a notch above the average ventriloquist. Learn about: showmanship, puppet character development and ventriloquist specialties.

You will learn how to add creative features to your act with professionalism that will add dollars to your bottom line. For details click here …

The Art Of The Kid Show

Your shows for kids can have greater impact, fun and marketability! Using dynamic in-studio instruction coupled with live performance examples from actual shows, America’s Premier Ventriloquist For Children, Mark Wade, will show you how on this entertaining and educational two part video.

Discover why Kid Show Ventriloquism is the most popular use of the art. You can earn some big dollars working the ever increasing Kid Show market and this video will show you how. Click here for details …

The Baby Cry

Mark Wade is known for his famous Baby Cry routine. He has taught the technique in earlier videos and during lectures at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion.

In this video, Mark goes into more detail than ever before as he discusses how he learned and adapted the skill to create his own version. Mark breaks down everything you need to know to master the technique. You’ll learn and see the scientific rhythm of a baby’s cry. You’ll discover how to locate the pitch. Mark even shares his professional routine as an inspiration to create your own. To order, click here …

Working The Library Market

Mark Wade and Tom Crowl teamed up to present a very detailed workshop at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion. The workshop was recorded and is finally available, only here at Maher Studios.

Over an hour in length, this workshop takes you through everything you need to know to create, market, book and perform a successful library show. To order, click here …

Master Manipulation

Dan has teamed with Maher Ventriloquist Studios to create the ultimate study in manipulation for ventriloquists. 23 Video Lessons that teach you step by step how to bring your character’s movements to life. Plus a bonus video of Dan’s 2015 Vent Haven ConVENTion lecture that you won’t want to miss! Find out more …

Vocal Versatility

One of the biggest problems for many ventriloquists is creating a unique voice for their characters. This ten lesson online course helps make creating puppet voices easier!

You will learn the fundamental building blocks of character voice creation. I walk you through the
elements of speech that develop vocal separation. I show you how to pick out and study vocal styles and speech patterns. You will discover easy techniques to help you locate your gutteral, nasal & falsetto voices. This course can help any puppeteer take their vocal performance to the next level. For details click here …

Breaking Down The Brick Walls Of Show Business

This Show Biz Thing Is NOT Easy… Can YOU really earn a living in show business? Could YOU be a successful entertainer? How do you get started? Who do you contact? How do you get shows? How much should you charge? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?

Ken Groves has been making people laugh since 1985. Over the years, Ken has learned a lot of lessons the hard way. In this course, Ken provides information that can inspire you, enlighten you and help you avoid a ton of headaches. Originally released as a paperback book, this course has been expanded to include video and PDF downloads. For more information click here …

Creating A Character

Ken Groves’ Creating A Character has been turned into an online course! Many people look for a funny puppet, but the puppet has nothing to do with your success. A ventriloquist needs a strong character.

In this five lesson course, Ken invites you to build your show just as you would build a house. You’ll need a solid foundation to build a solid structure. Ken says “This course will hurt you…” and he means it. If you want to improve your act and create believable, funny characters, you don’t want to miss this course. This is a must have for every ventriloquist. Click here to order …

Ventriloquist Script Writing Course

Your Material Has To Entertain And Give An Audience A Reason To Watch. This Master Class course consists of interviews with five professional ventriloquists: Mark Wade, Ken Groves, Steve Petra, Sarah Jones and the late Bill DeMar. Each was asked questions about their script writing process. Their answers will provide you with a unique look into the minds of these performers.

Plus, Terry Favor’s Vent Haven Lecture on script writing is provided as a bonus for this course. The course is on the siteFor more information click here …

Discussions On Showmanship

There are thousands of entertainers. Most of them are stuck working “real” jobs to make ends meet. Yet Jeff Dunham is the highest grossing touring comedian according to Forbes magazine.
Some people think these artists got a lucky break. Is that really the only reason you haven’t achieved success as an entertainer?

THE TRUTH IS: If you are looking for the next big trick, or routine that you expect to bring audiences to their feet and clients to your door, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME! All audiences care about is being entertained. Yet very few performers care about learning proper showmanship. This course is worth more than you can imagine if you put in the effort.  This course is now available here on the Maher Studios website!  Click here for more information …

Build Your Own Ventriloquist Figure

Maher Ventriloquist Studios has teamed with figure builder Mike Palma to create the first ventriloquist figure-making course of its kind. From concept to completion, you’ll watch Mike:
Sculpt a ventriloquist dummy head out of clay, create molds, cast the head and check quality, cut out and build a moving mouth, explain exactly how the mouth pivot point is determined, build self-centering, moving eyes and provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to install the mechanics.

You will learn how to create a head stick and controls, build a wooden ventriloquist figure body,
sew and attach arms and legs and finally paint the ventriloquist figure to bring it to life. This is like a college course on how to build a professional ventriloquist figure. Click here for details …

Maher Studios no longer makes, sells or repairs ventriloquist figures. If you need advice concerning this topic, feel free to email and I will be happy to direct you to a figure maker that can help you.



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