Here’s a question worth thinking about…what good is it for you to have a vent mentor, a coach of your very own? If you silently thought “Plenty!” you are on the right track.

Reading and watching materials on ventriloquism is a must, but there comes a point when you can only go it alone so much. You need more intensive help, the kind of help only a mentor can give you. This personal mentor can answer your questions and make even the foggiest ideas seem crystal clear. Your personal mentor can help you progress much faster than you ever thought possible, and can bring out the best in you. And the best part of all of this is that it doesn’t have to cost you a zillion dollars to have a good one.

What should you look for in the way of a mentor? It should be priority to have a mentor that is a true pro, someone who has already been vetted by working in the field. The key here is get someone who is experienced, who has had to meet head on the challenges that you will have to over come. Nothing takes the place of field experience.

Second on this list is someone who is a great teacher, who understands different people learn at different speeds. A good , quality mentor can find the best in you and will guild you to bring it to the surface. Mentors can also find you flaws and show you how to improve on them, but in a way that will not discourage you. That is another good sign of a mentor.

A great mentor will look at your work objectively and not “sugar coat” it, but make sure you get what you need. Since a good mentor is also a good performer they know what you need, even though you yourself may not. So where do you find a mentor? You’ve come to the right place!

Maher Ventriloquist Studios has our three owners available to be your mentor. You can pick from Tom, Ken or Mark to answers questions and to guild you. Simple go to our online catalog and click to get more information. Just remember, a good menor doesn’t pays!!Unknown

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