Today I am opening my mailbag to share one of the most frequent questions I get.

I have merged several recent emails together to create a form. Each email seems to include these or similar lines:

How To Go Pro …

I am an amateur ventriloquist. I currently work as a (fill in the blank), but would rather be a professional entertainer.

Do you had any tips for how to become a professional ventriloquist.

I have done a birthday party, a show at my church, plus a few free shows, which were well-received, and now I want to make it my career. Thank you for any help.


I Want The truth gif

Sorry, there is no magic bullet.

How to become a professional entertainer

You don’t just decide to go pro and suddenly start getting clients.

You really want the truth?

Take business classes. Take marketing classes. Take Internet classes on social media, website design and search engine optimization.

Make sure you are self-motivated and able to stay on task.

Being a professional entertainer means you are president of an entertainment company. You need to think long term and have the finances to maintain your business and life as you build your career.


This Show Biz Thing Is NOT Easy… Can YOU really earn a living in show business? Could YOU be a successful entertainer? How do you get started? Who do you contact? How do you get shows? How much should you charge? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?

For more information click here …

Think there is more to it?

Of course there is. You need to have the skill and talent to present a show people are willing to hire. But just having the skill does not satisfy clients.

There are plenty of talented people who have no shows.

That is because they lack the other knowledge mentioned above to understand how to make their business move forward.

Being An Entertainer Isn't Easy

So if you seriously want to become a professional ventriloquist …

Don’t assume it is the easy way to earn a living.

It is, without a doubt, one of the hardest, most aggravating, least rewarding careers you will ever consider …

Until you get a show …

And the moment the show is over, that cycle begins again.