Today I am once again opening my mailbag to share another of the most frequent email questions I get.

As with the last time, I have merged several recent emails together to create this. I don’t want anyone to feel as if I am singling them out.¬†Each email I get in regards to this topic seems to include these or similar lines:

I been practicing ventriloquism for … months. I watched tutorial videos on Youtube but yours are better and I think I could learn more from you. My problem is, I only have enough money to buy a puppet. If I buy your course, I have no way to get the puppet. The course is a bit expensive for me and I am hoping you will consider allowing me to take your course for free.


This type of email  Рand yes, I get several a week Рtells me something.

  1. People value physical possessions over intellectual ones.
  2. They have no clue which is more valuable.

First, let’s start with:

Physical possessions vs. intellectual ones.

The moment you buy a car, the value depreciates.

The same with a puppet.

The same with most physical possessions.

While property (land and housing) may appreciate in value, there are expenses involved with upkeep and taxes.

The truth is, most physical possessions cost you rather than make you money.

Sure, you can use a puppet in a show that you charge for.

But how many shows can you get if you don’t have the talent?

There are plenty of jobs out there.

If you don’t have the education to qualify for the job – you won’t get it.

Yes, you pay for an education – schooling, courses and college are not cheap.

Because what you know …

With a better education comes a better paying job.

A better puppet won’t do that for you.

So which one is more valuable?

Obviously it is the education, the one least valued by the people sending these emails.

I’ve said this before, a good ventriloquist can entertain people with a sock.

It isn’t the puppet!

It is what you, as a ventriloquist, do with the character you create and bring to life.

So will I provide you my course for free?

No. I will not.

But I say I want to help people … so why do I charge?

Because I expect payment for my time and efforts.

I expect to be able to pay my bills.

I invest my time, effort and money into my courses.

I don’t work for free.

Chances are you don’t either.

If you don’t invest in your education, you won’t respect the value of that education. Which means you won’t put in the effort required to actually learn.

There are plenty of free tutorials out there.

I have a listing of them on the Ventriloquism Resources page.

I promote them through my Comedy Ventriloquist website and on the International Ventriloquist Society.

But if you want the insight and instruction of a professional ventriloquist, put aside the puppet until you can afford one.

Invest that money in your education.

Because with out the education, you are buying a toy.

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