This Show Biz Thing Is NOT Easy…

Can YOU really earn a living in show business?  Could YOU be a successful entertainer? How do you get started?  Who do you contact?  How do you get shows?  How much should you charge? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?

The Secrets Behind The Business!

Ken Groves has been making people laugh since 1985. He has performed in 20 countries, entertained on all the major cruise lines and worked in Atlantic City & Las Vegas. Ken been seen on television 12 times, having worked with music stars, TV stars and those who thought they were stars.

Over the years, Ken has learned a lot of lessons the hard way.
Information that can inspire you, enlighten you and help you avoid a ton of headaches.

BUT – You don’t need this course!

You are more than welcome to beat your head against the wall learning what Ken shares here. Or, you could save yourself a few bumps and beatings by signing up below!

You Will Learn How To:

  • Get Started In Show Business The Right Way
  • Find Out Where You Really Are
  • Find Out How To Get Where You Want To Be
  • Discover If You REALLY Have Talent
  • Find Out If You Have A Bad Act
  • Find Out If You Have A Good Act
  • How To Improve Your Act
  • How To Handle Hecklers
  • Develop Stage Presence
  • How To Connect With An Audience
  • Deal With Agents
  • Develop Standards And Guidelines
  • The Business Side Of Show Business
  • Questions You Must Ask
  • Avoiding The Danger Signs
  • Making Your Client Look Good
  • How To Set Up A Successful Performance
  • Dealing With Travel and Saving Your Sanity
  • Secrets To Great Marketing
  • Contracts, Riders and Business Insurance
And So Much More…

The New Maher Version:

Ken originally released this information in book form. The first book was only 79 pages, but it was so jammed packed with information that the book quickly sold out. The second version expanded to 160 pages of information. It too sold out and is hard to find.

Breaking Down The Brick Walls Of Show Biz has now been transformed into an on-line course. When purchased, you receive instant access to 16 Web Based Lessons containing 19 videos AND bonus information,the CD series audio files and downloadable PDFs.

You never lose access and can access the materials through the web site at any time!

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