One of the best things for us , yet one of the toughest, is to learn how to accept constructive criticism. Notice I said CONSTRUCTIVE criticism..there is a difference. If you work at ventriloquism long enough somebody is going to become jealous of your success. It’s a shame, but it does happen. This person is not happy with their performances, so they try to “even the playing field” by knocking you down. Instead of putting in the necessary preparedness, they try to take shortcuts, and try to avoid doing all the necessary work involved to make things happen in a positive way. This kind of criticism you need to ignore and move on in a positive way, not turning back to give these people a second thought.

However, the person who makes suggestions by giving you POSITIVE, HELPFUL advice is worth his or her weight in gold! They want to help you, make you become a better vent, help you accomplish your goals. Listen and learn! Take mental notes or even write down what they say so you can refer back to the ideas later. Try and put into practice what they mentioned, and see if your reaction from the audience is better.

But make sure who is offering this advice is really concerned about making you better. But to let this sink into, you need to disarm your own personal defense system. This is the system we all have to protect your self esteem, or feelings o self-worth.

Also take into account who is giving this advice to you. A well meaning spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or family member might be so enthralled with you being a vent that they overlook many flaws that you have and tell you that you are wonderful while you are actually just average at best. Try to find a mentor who will help you along..someone who is qualified to give you great constructive criticism. By working on you faults you can become unstoppable, and a credit to our art!

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