Before you start thinking I’m writing a column about Houdini, let me explain that this is an article about marketing. Each and every market has it’s own unique set of locks that you have to unlock to make the market work for you. Because you could unlock these factors to get shows in one area doesn’t necessarily mean the same holds true somewhere else. You have to find out what the lock (or challenges) are and figure out what he key is to making things work for you.

The key I usually the demographics..the people, the environment, the economy in any given area. Maybe you have to switch up your message in your marketing to make things work for that area. Price also plays into this as well. Some areas are more affluent and can afford the price you are asking for a show, while you may have to trim your price in other areas because of some of the factors I listed above.

I would recommend making a personal survey of the area and try to gather as much information as you can. Being informed and staying on top of trends helps makes it easier to get yourself booked. If you are a children’s ventriloquist and the area is dominated by retirees, maybe it’s time to revamp your show and offer things for the seniors. The same could be true if you are having difficulties getting corporate dates in an area that is lacking in that market. Use your research to develop a key to open the locks to getting performances.

If you are really into a certain select market, you may have to travel a bit to get into an environment where your show is more easily booked. You will have to take that into consideration when establishing a price. You have to figure in your price the amount of time and money it will take to get to a market where your show will work best. Unfortunately “one size doesn’t i all” when it comes to shows. Your show for the corporate market won’t work with the kiddies, and visa versa. so be aware of your market and be willing o travel if and when you need to. Find your “golden key”, the key that unlocks the market to the types of shows you are best suited and then give it all you’ve got!

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