That is tough often should you practice. If you are working show regularly the shows can actually take the place of practicing. Think of it as a paid practice session. But this comes only after you have mastered your routine and have done it for a while. While learning a new routine I would suggest practicing everyday but not for along extended sessions. I usually work on the 15-20 minute mark. I practice for 15-20 minutes then take a rest. I also make sure I have plenty of water nearby or “Throat Coat Tea” (available at GNC Stores or some groceries). This tea was recommended to me by my buddy Jeff Dunham and it is all natural, has no sugar or caffeine, and has ingredients that coat and sooth the throat.

Break a new routine into three sections and practice one section until you know it by heart, then add the next section. Take several days to get it where you want it , then audience test it by performing it in a show so you can tweak it. Remember practice doesn’t make perfect…PERFECT practice makes perfect! Goo luck!

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