Almost everyday I get an email from someone having problems with either the Maher Studios or Learn-Ventriloquism website. At the same time, hundreds of members go through the sites each day and don’t seem to have any problems. (Or maybe they just don’t tell me … )

Computers can be frustrating things at times. Even to someone who knows what they are doing. First, you have everything from name brand to discount computers. They have similar but differing builds. Some use name brand chips, others use off brands to save money.

Then they run different operating systems. How many versions of Windows are there? How many versions of Apple operating systems? Lots. And each upgrade fixes problems but often leads to new ones. New features sometimes conflict with older ones. And each time, they update the look or way things work so you feel like you have to learn all over again.

Then there is software. What web browser do you use? Chrome? Foxfire? Safari? Windows Explorer? What version of that? And there are a ton more. And they all browse the web. But they each operate differently. With different algorythms and coding I can’t begin to understand.

If you are on the internet you need anti-virus software. (Although Apple claims it is safe and there are more viruses written for Windows which is easier to hack according to experts.) But which software do you use? Norton? McAffee? Webroot? and the list goes on. And they offer settings and different levels of protection.

So you have a chip that coordinates with software that coordinates with other software being monitored by another software. Tons of code that must interact seamlessly. And there are a million variations.

So when someone has an issue with the site, I try to do my best to correct the problem. Sometimes it is a result of the browser not communicating with our online payment providers. Their browser doesn’t accept the redirect from PayPal or ClickBank and they don’t get access to their product.

Sometimes people click the pay button and don’t wait. They return to the site expecting to find their course. When they don’t, they wait thinking I will email them. I often don’t know when the process doesn’t complete. So they wait and I’ll hear from them a month later asking when they will get their product. (Reach out right away folks!)

Sometimes it is the software I run on the site. Afterall, I’m working with chips and software and plugins too. But I keep the companies on a retainer and if I can’t solve the problem, I bring in the experts.

So if you have issues with the site, please let me know. Technology can be frustrating. But it is the wave of the future and Maher is proud to be leading the way in the art of ventriloquism!