I wrote this article on Feb 2, 2017. It accidentally published then and was live for about two hours. So if you caught it then, you looked into the future too!

July 12-15 I knew I would be at the Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion. From past experience I knew there would be little time to write a blog for this week. So I decided to throw on my mind-reading hat and give you a post event look at what happened.

I wrote this blog post in February. Let’s see how accurate my mind-reading hat is …

Wow! What an incredible week. I saw so many old friends and met a lot of new ones. I was very busy with my conVENTion duties plus I was on stage, did a Friday workshop and had a dealer’s table for Maher Studios and the IVS.

Thankfully Chuck Lyons stepped up and helped at the Maher table. He did an incredible job and we signed up a bunch of new IVS members. I want to thank my other friends who helped Chuck out from time to time. The faces are a bit blurry in the mind-reading hat, but I truly appreciate the support!

In the showroom, Ken Groves, Mark Truman and Virginia & Wally Peterson kept things running smoothly for everyone. Also backstage was Dave Carr. His son wasn’t there because he is getting married – but that is a mind reading hat topic for another time. Because he was gone we had some new people step in. Danny Jones did a great job and I caught a glimpse of someone else backstage but couldn’t see them clearly. I need to clean the receptors on this thing.

One thing I did see clearly was Jeff Dunham’s lecture. It was nothing about the topic, but we all learned and laughed a lot. The shows were all very strong too. Except for that Crowl guy … where did they find him?

Mark Wade had another amazing convention with record attendance and everyone had a great time. As I was pulling off the hat I could hear people saying they can’t wait until 2018. You don’t have to. I may sell this hat on eBay soon!