Ever hear those words echo in your ear when you talk to a prospective client? I think we all have had this experience at one time or another. Buyers want a big extravaganza show for just a few dollars, and oh, by the way, they want you to set up hours before the gig so as not to disturb their guests while you drag your equipment in.

I wish I had some sort of magic answer to combat this for all of us. Something that would make all of this nonsense go away. Unfortunately, I don’t. It’s part of doing business as a full time or even part-time performing ventriloquist. The best thing I can recommend is to be confident in your show and what you are presenting. It is our duty to let the prospective buyer know that they are paying for much more than a 45 minute show. They are paying for transportation to and from the gig, hours of phone calls and contracts being sent, your rehearsal time, plus the actual show itself. Also the wear and tear on your vehicle and the gasoline that goes in the tank.

I feel when we have to talk with a client that balks at what we offer as being “too expensive”, it is our duty to let them know, in a confident manner, that the time involved starts days before the show. I like to, in a friendly manner of course, let them know that they are hiring a professional and if they want a rank amateur they are risking their OWN reputation by doing so. I also don’t mean be cocky or smug when talking to them, but firm in a positive way. I fell it is our duty to remind them that after the show the amateur performer will be gone, but the person who hired them will be there to incur the anger and disappointment of the management and other attendees of the event. If the client really thinks this through he or she will realize that a lot more is on the line than how much they paid for a show. If we charged them for our experience and expertise they could never afford us! How much do you charge, probably not enough, but enough to make the client look good..and that’s what counts!

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