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As I go back through the archives, I have found that Maher Studios has been instrumental aiding ventriloquists through informational articles for decades.

It all started with “Newsy Vents”, a publication that was put out by Fred Maher, the founder of Maher Studios. The original intent was to keep the students of Maher in touch with one another, and to share news. It was printed on a mimeograph machine and mailed out to the members.

When Clinton and Adelia Detweiler took over the reins of Maher they continued “Newsy Vents” and made it the official publication of the NAAV (North American Association of Ventriloquists). It became very professionally produced and became a bi-monthly magazine. I was lucky to be picked up as a columnist for this publication and learned much by writing and reading what Maher put out. I have included with this article my column head that was used when I wrote for Maher.

Cost factors always enter into putting out any publication and “Newsy Vents” was transformed into a smaller publication called “The Maher Messenger”. It still had news (and my column) but it was greatly pared back from the original magazine.

Clinton entered the cyber world (that guy was amazing!!) and when he pared back Maher to just putting out the course and offering “Mr. D’s Ventriloquist Blog” it was a whole different direction. It was very informational and I, again, was lucky to a part of his daily offerings to the vent community. With the passing of Clinton, his family had enough faith in me to keep things going and to allow me to reactive Maher Studios. I, along with wife Jody, brought Tom Crowl and Ken Groves in as partners and we reactivated Maher Studios, and brought back an online newsletter, complete with a blog. We relaunched the NAAV as the IVS (International Ventriloquists’ Society) and started publishing again. I was fortunate enough to step into Clinton’s shoes and become the writer of blogs, which is what you are now reading.

The IVS does what Maher has always done, keep members informed and now we have an international flavor. We can learn from each other and you can watch videos and read articles in our newsletter “The IVS Spotlight”. Are YOU an IVS member? Dues are only $35.00 US per year and you receive the “Spotlight” , plus membership pin, card, and certificate. Contact us NOW to see how you can learn like so many before you have done!


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