I like to use the rule “when in doubt..leave it out!” when it comes to possible comedy material that could embarrass or might be interpreted in a suggestive manner. I know many say “the kids won’t get the suggestive material aimed at the adults”, but the problem is I will know! Kids may surprise you on how “street smart” they are and how much of it they will pick up on.

Edgar Bergen always said “If you’re funny enough, you don’t have to be dirty” and I whole heartedly agree. Strive for comedy material that is clever and unique and don’t be persuaded by the easy laughs you can get with “blue material”. Remember, anyone can be dirty and use shock comedy to get laughs. I takes a true ventriloquial artist to create comedy material that is funny, clean, and clever. If you write a piece of comedy and are not sure about it,leave it out, and find or write something else. You’ll be happy, and so will your audiences!

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