I feel strongly that you can absolutely mix vent in as part of other types of performing…the most notable being magic. Magic and vent have always been “allied arts”, which means we have some history together. Many top flight magicians also did ventriloquism, and in some cases the vent overshadowed their magic acts.

Vent can also combine with puppetry, as there is a connection there. It can also support and reinforce each art form and gives a different flavor to the entire show.

I often wonder why clowning and vent doesn’t mingle as much as could be expected. I can visualize clown-vents having all sorts of talking circus animals and even a small clown vent puppet to act as a partner. I’m still hoping these two can work together even more in the future.

In short, vent can combine with almost other variety arts. It only takes some innovation and some practice to make a novel new act!

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