If you read the first two parts of this article – thanks for staying with me. If you haven’t, you may want to read parts 1 & 2 first. They will explain a lot. Because in this post, things are going to seem strange.

To understand the lessons, you need to get an insight into how Mayble does things. This one may seem like too much information. Trust me, the background is important.

Mayble has a thing for closed doors.

The only door we usually close “inside” the house is the bathroom door. That door is only closed when we are using it. We live in an old house. Years of paint have seeped into the door handle and lock. That prevents the bolt from latching. Not a problem for us. If the door is closed, you get privacy.

Not so with Mayble.

She feels so inclined to push a paw between the door and the jam. You’ll see a paw come in, followed by a face pushed through by her body.

I really don’t need help going to the bathroom. I don’t bother her in her litter box.

There are times where I will say “NO and she will sit outside the partially opened door and wait for me. Other times she’ll wait a second and come in anyway. More often than not, she’ll swing in for a visit, leave and come back a few moments later if I’m still there.

So what show business lesson could this possibly be? Don’t go to the bathroom with your clients? No – but it is a great one…

Show Business Lesson 5 –
Persistance. Sometimes the door is closed. You have to knock. You may have to push it open. You might get a no. That could mean a million things. It could mean you are not right at this moment. Maybe if you stay in touch and wait a while, the answer will change. Don’t be obnoxious. Just know in your heart that if given a chance, the person on the other side of that door will love you. Especially if you followed the previous rules.

And so Mayble and I conclude our Show Business Tips from a Cat series. As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated in the comments section and on the forum.


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