Last week I told you the story of how Mayble came to be with us. As a dog person, I was used to the furry excitement of an animal that wanted to be part of you. Not so much with the cat. At least, not in the beginning. Neither of us was sure about the other.

Mayble refused to come near me or Dierdre. She accepted food if we set it down and walked away. She’d come close, but if I tried to reach out, she’d run.

Show Business Lesson 3 – 

Make sure things are on your terms. When you perform, if you don’t stand up for yourself, you might find yourself in a bad situation. This doesn’t mean be unreasonable. But there are certain conditions that can kill your performance, like:

  • Going on during dinner
  • Having a huge distance between you and the audience
  • Working while other entertainment is performing

There are many more – but this isn’t a post about that. Mayble just wants you to know you have to think of your own security first. Controlling the situation allows you to present a better show.

Finally Mayble started approaching me. Getting closer and closer. She’d nudge my hand for a scratch. Each time I scratched her she purred. She came around more often. We developed a bond. We gave each other attention.

Show Business Lesson 4 –
You’ve got to reach out. When someone helps you or works with you, show them you appreciate it. Develop a two way relationship. Be there for your clients and they will be there for you.

There is one more important lesson that Mayble can teach us. I’m going to save that one for next week. BTW – I can now deduct all her cat food, toys and vet bills because I am using her in my business. That too is a valuable lesson:

Accounting Lesson 1 – 

Hire a real accountant. Don’t take tax advice from a ventriloquist. (Unless they are a tax professional, which I am not!)

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