I’m sure you’ve heard the old prospectors saying “There’s gold in them hills!”, well, I’m here to tell you that there is gold in them small towns as well!  Playing big cities and towns is rewarding but not as much as playing the “small time”.  Let me explain..

Small towns have a certain quaint quality about them.   The people seem friendlier, stores are not the big box chain stores but mom and pop operated, and life does seem to be a bit easier.  That’s on the surface,  of course.  But even the small towns are in touch with the advent of the Internet, so the townspeople know what’s going on beyond their city limits.

Playing the “small time” can bring big dollars to you. Because they are not used to live entertainment, you are a special guest in their town.  It’s easier to get local press in a weekly newspaper and on radio, which brings in more local people to see you.  And because they are a small town the bigger acts seem to overlook them. They are going for big paydays (they think..) in large cities where the competition is more fierce and your show is just one of many playing. Magician  McDonald Birch played small to medium sized towns to great effect for decades and retired with  a tidy sum in the bank..all because he didn’t overlook these small town “gems”.  Do yourself and these towns a favor and bring your show to them.  They definitely will love you for it!



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