The title of this column sounds like something we should all ready know, but you’d be surprised how many forget this. Age has nothing to do with you stopping your learning about our craft, neither does expertise. You can learn from any source and from anyone, if you take a moment to think about it.

You’ve got a large ventriloquism library, but how many times have you gone back to your bookshelf and re-read one of these tomes? Maybe when you first read it your mindset wasn’t ready to accept all the ideas in that book, but now you are. Therefore you can learn all kinds of new insights by cracking open a vent book and taking in all that it has to offer.

The same holds true for your video library. Maybe there is one fine point that you glossed over in your first viewing, but now that your mind is accepting, you can discover this gem hidden in the video.

My wife has an interesting point. She says she can sometimes learn what NOT to do by watching others. The act in question may have many fine points but there is one thing or two that spoils their presentation. Write yourself a note NOT to do that. The learning process goes on.

When you stop learning you stop growing, and vent is growing at an astounding rate. Let’s see if you can continue to grow with it!



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