I know that is a shocking headline to start this blog but it is true, especially if you have been performing or want to start performing in a given area. A bad act coming into your area CAN “stink up” the place with a terrible act, making it almost impossible for you to get booked. Let’s take a look at this situation and see what can be done…

Unfortunately the “bad act” often believes their own publicity..that they are the greatest ventriloquist who ever graced the stage. People who are subject totheir shows want to avoid a confrontation so they lie to this bad act and tell them everything is great, when in reality it isn’t. When people are less than truthful to a bad act, they hurt everyone. You can still be kind but tell the truth. Words that are encouraging but still ring true are useful feedback for the bad vent. Saying “I see a lot of potential, but you still need to work on a lot of things” may sting the bad act a bit, but it is helpful in the long run. Often the bad act glosses over these comments and has a bagful of excuses as to why the critic is wrong or off base. It is unfortunate, because the bad act will continue to be bad.

On the other side of the coin, the good acts have to put up with the results of the bad act’s performances. Often people who got burned by the bad act will not want another vent for a while, if ever. The only way to overcome something like this is to prove to the paying public that the bad act was NOT the way most vents operate. You may have to do a few free shows and then get some good recommendations from the sponsors. In fact if you know where the bad act performed you may offer the FREE show to them and make that a starting point to undo the damage.

It’s tricky to undo what the bad vent did, but with time, some free shows, and lots of marketing you can turn it around. The real solution is for the bad vent to stop performing. Word of mouth can and eventually will catch up with them. We just have to be patient, and work any and all angles to overcome this bad situation.

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