I said last week that there would be no post this week. What can I say? I’m an over-achiever.

Actually, this isn’t a blog post. This is a question …

If you went to the ConVENTion, what stood out for you this year?

What made the event worthwhile for you?

And for those who did not attend, did you follow it on social media?

What did you feel you missed the most?

And what steps are you going to take to try and be there in 2019?

So this week, you folks create the post through your comments on this page.

See you next week!


  1. Dennis Acosta

    What stood out?
    How friendly everyone was
    How organized it was.
    Loved the dealer’s rooms.
    Workshops were GREAT!

    Looking forward to next year!

    • Gary Barlotta

      IAN !!!!!!

  2. Lew Newton

    First off, the hotel was extremely accommodating. From the front desk to housekeeping to the wait staff, everyone was pleasant and helpful. Aside from the delay from the soundboard blowing up and the Senior Mic running long, everything else seemed to run very close to on-time. As the face in front of the doors telling members when they can come in and find a seat… I REALLY appreciated that!! For Mark, Jody, Ken and Tom… “Atta-Boys” all around!!!

  3. Colin Dymond

    The hotel was great, constant hot water in the shower, comfortable beds and good WiFi, what else do you need.
    The “find your funny” panel was full of brilliant information . A combination of ideas from that and Al Getners lecture is what I’ll be working on next year.
    I loved performing on the international show, I’m glad that the last performance of my mask routine was so memorable.
    It’s very expensive for me to come, not only the flights but it’s also the second busiest week of the year for shows. I plan on seeing you all again in 2020.

    • Chuck Lyons

      Awesome Colin , I for one look forward to seeing you again in 2020. It was also so nice to meet your lovely bride Wendy. Thanks for crossing the pond to join us this year.

  4. Ann Seeton

    Where do I begin? The hotel was excellent and I have NEVER had a hotel staff be so attentive and helpful. They went beyond essentials. I needed a hook to complete a headlock for my dummy, they found me one! And while they were looking another staff member gave me directions to the nearest Lowe’s in case I needed to go get one. I found they upbeat attitudes inspiring!

    Then there were the classes and other presentations. I LOVED the one on caring for your hard figure and I was REALLY sorry I was late to the LIBRARY Shows class. I wish I had been on time and had taken notes.

    Then there was open mic. Always fun but the KIDS this year just knocked it out of the park. Not just cute, they were GOOD!

    The photographer in the Hall was another part I loved. I had pictures done with Goody, and the poses he suggested netted several good pictures but I LOVE the one we printed. I ran out of money thanks to the EXCELLENT array of displays in the dealers rooms. I can hardly wait to get home and play with my new characters!

    Group photo was fun, so was the Learn Ventriloquism class photo.

    I cannot think of any down side.

  5. Lisa Laird

    The new hotel was a fantastic venue! I love that there is a small convenience store right across the street too! I felt that everything was very smooth and also felt that it was easier to meet up with people in the lobby. The food was good, the lectures great and I was honored to be part of the Wednesday night show. The sound guys were great! There is so much behind the scenes that we attendees do not see but the smoothness of the whole event are a testament to ALL the work that went on to make the ConVENTion wonderful! Thanks!

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