On July 2nd, Mark Wade did a guest blog ( Vents Need To Support Our ONLY Organization ) here on the Maher Studios forum.

He discussed how ventriloquists should support the I.V.S., ventriloquism’s only international organization.

This created some interesting conversations.

Some were not sure why the I.V.S. was even on the Maher Studios website.

Well, that was based on the legacy of Maher. The Studio has almost always had an organization. In the past, it was the NAAV or North American Association of Ventriloquists.

That was shut down by Clinton Detweiler for – you guessed it, lack of support by the community.

As soon as Clinton shuttered the doors, people were asking him to bring it back. He declined.

There are a few folks who see the value of the organization, and others who feel no need to be a part. To the ones who don’t see the value – we plan to show you!

I took all the questions and recommendations to heart.

That is why I am now moving the International Ventriloquist Society to VentriloquistSociety.com.

I will be keeping the current IVS Materials available on this website, however we will no longer update the IVS area here.

All of the current issues of the IVS Spotlight and the IVS podcast episodes have been copied to the new site.

The society will be sharing some free materials to offer the public a peek at the quality of information members receive. They will also be able to see the scope of what is available to members – but they will not be able to access it.

I’ve put some new content areas on the site too. They are still under construction but the content will grow as my show schedule permits.

If you would like to help create additional content for the website, please don’t hesitate to reach out. This is your organization too – so join in the fun!

Together, we can build the I.V.S. into a bigger, more important resource for our art.

If you haven’t checked out the new I.V.S. site yet, please do now!

If you are a current I.V.S. member and not sure how to access your account there, let me know. I sent out an email, but I know not everyone reads them!

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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