There are many things to consider when thinking about going “pro”.  I mentioned a few things in my last blog. Now I want to wrap up this discussion with this column.

Family Support:  In order to go pro and be completely happy doing so, it takes the support of your family.  Is your wife or husband (or significant other) behind this decision?  If they half-heartedly say “yes” then you had better rethink your position.  When times get a bit tough, and they will at first, you must have a fallback position and your partner will play a big part in this.  They will be the ones who support you when things are quite working out the way that you feel they should.  You certainly don’t need an “I told you so!” attitude, especially when the going gets tough.

Have a long talk with your partner and see if you can come up with a plan of action in case your career as a vent takes a detour.  Write up a goal plan and stick with it, because that can be your guiding light when things look darkest.  Good luck, and may I wish you the best in going “pro”