You’re at a venue and suddenly something breaks, cracks, of falls apart.  What are you to do?

  1. Cry and hide in your room
  2. Beg for repair materials at the venue
  3.  Have you own emergency repair kit

If you answered “3 “, you win the prize for being a successful vent!  That’s right, you need an emergency repair kit to get you through.

The emergency kit is just that, something to get you through until the proper and permanent repairs can be made.  If you are a soft puppet person, a hot glue gun (the kind you plug in ) and a small sewing kit are a must.  Those can be used to fix tears and stitching that comes undone, and you can be back in business in a hurry.

If you a hard puppet person, see if your figure maker can supply you with a small bottle of touch up paint to fix any scratches that may come up when you are far from home (and the figure makers!).  This especially true if you are flying and the airlines do something to your figure.  Also a hairdryer is good to have to use on the mouth in case the wood swells and the mouth cannot be closed.

Other items include rubber cement, duct tape, scissors, and string. Remember, these kits are used while DRIVING to a date. The airlines will seize paint, scissors and any other questionable items.  If you are in a strange town you might want to stop at a department store and buy small quantities of these items in case of an accident.

The Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared!”  And I like to use this same motto.

Have fun venting…


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