The question of whether or not you can make a full time living as a professional vent has been bantered about for many years in many different forums, but the short answer is YES..BUT IT’S DIFFICULT!  Now I don’t want to start this blog by scaring you, but I must be is a tough road to follow, but it’s not impossible.  Please let me explain..

  1. First thing to ask yourself is “Do I have the talent to make it as a pro?”  Don’t fib to yourself and say yes, if in your heart you know the answer is no.  You must be realistic.  If you can’t answer yes, keep your day job!
  1. Do you have perseverance? That means can you stick to doing everyday what it takes to make it..calling agents and clients; doing mailings; sending out email blasts; doing the needed contract work…and that’s not to mention the practice time, writing new shows, handling publicity, etc. Doing the actual performance is only a small part of it all.
  1. Are you able to travel and do you mind traveling for hours either by plane or by auto to get to a date?  That means time away from your family, and often not sleeping in your own bed at night.  This may seem trivial but when you actually have to do it, it can become a major stumbling block.
  1. Do you have enough money saved up to tide you over until you get some cash flow?  Remember, you will not have a regular paycheck coming in each week.  I used to suggest saving 3-6 months worth of backup funds to hold you, but now I would suggest 6-12 months as a rule.  You don’t want the worry of debt hanging over your head while you are trying to make it.
  1. Can you handle rejection?  Some do it better than others but you can’t get down on yourself if something doesn’t go according to your plan.  In all walks of life you will have must overcome this and keep going forward.

These are just a few of the things you need to ask yourself to go forward with a professional career as a vent.  We’ll delve into more ideas in the next installment.

Keep smiling and keep venting!

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