As entertainers I think many of us are a soft skinned bunch. I know I can be, although I’ve gotten much better over the last few years. But do you remember the first time you were rejected or told “no” when you went back after a repeat date? Herein lies the idea of this blog!

One of the most important lessons I learned was that “NO” doesn’t mean the client NEVER wants you for a show’s just “not at this time”. Maybe there were circumstances which precluded the client for having you. Lack of money is a biggie! At the moment you approached the client looking for a repeat show maybe he/she didn’t have the money available to have you, thus you got the “no”. It had nothing to do with your talent or your performance, it was based strictly on financial reasons.

Sometimes the timing isn’t right to have a show, and that can result in a “no” as well. Maybe the client just had another show come in. Maybe the performance area would be under construction or maybe something happened. I had a show cancelled because the snow and ice made the ceiling collapse (thank goodness there were no one around when it was in the middle of the night).

If I do get a “no” I try to find out why, but sometimes it’s embarrassing for the client to admit they are short on cash. If the client hesitates it would be best to just say “Maybe this isn’t a good time, can I call you back at a later date and we can talk about doing a show?”. This lets everybody walk away with dignity and a chance to continue to do business.

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