The title of this blog needs no big explanation, but it does bear repeating. When you have confidence on stage it goes through your every fiber of being and shows up in your presentation. That’s why good rehearsals are so important…to work out the “bugs” and to make for a smooth performing situation.

Those vents that think they are good enough to adlib their way through a performance are often times just fooling themselves. When you have the material “down cold” and are pleased with the results, confidence will be there to take you to the finish line

Remember, only YOUR self-talk before a show can make things work out, or not. If you THINK you can, and you’ve put in the work to rehearse, then it will happen. If you THINK you won’t be able to pull it off, well it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Confidence comes through practice, hard work, and leaving almost nothing to chance.

If you want to be a successful ventriloquist, KNOW without a doubt your material, you puppet’s voice, and what is going to happen on stage. Confidence comes to the prepared! is my email if you’d like to comment.