Magicians have magic words that they say in their performances to make things happen. Whether it be “Alakazam”, “Hocus Pocus”,or something as simple as “Presto”, it made things appear, disappear, or change places. We ventriloquists have just four magic words that we need to use every single day, “I CAN DO IT!”

What power lies in “I CAN DO IT!”? First it’s an affirmation that we ventriloquists can put to use immediately. It’s true that we have it much harder than most variety arts performers because of all ventriloquism encompasses and we MUST believe in ourselves. We must tell ourselves that we CAN master this wonderful art, that we can be successful, and that we won’t be afraid to try new things. We must also tell ourselves that technique AND original comedy material are both equally important, and that we don’t need to copy someone else’s puppet characters or acts.

When faced with whether to practice again and again, we must automatically say “I can do it!”, because we know that with each of these practices we are getting closer to our goal of being the master vent. When we use our magic words daily we WILL see a difference. Just remember that the magic of making this happen is within you!

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