There comes a time when everyone could use a little pick me up.

Some motivation when life seems to be getting you down.

Of course, as ventriloquists, we specialize in funny. And there is nothing funny about feeling low.

So I searched the Internet for some of the best motivational quotes I could find. (Although to be honest, some of them are just “funnies” to make you smile and feel better … )

Of course, I twisted some of them around, because let’s face it – why not?

Then I opened my Photoshop, and created the graphics I am about to share. So these were all created specifically for you.

Hopefully one or two will give you a laugh. Maybe a couple will even hold special meaning to you.

By the way – that Santa is I.V.S. Member Al Moessinger. I believe in him.
Share your favorite motivational quotes in the comments section below. Who knows, they may be featured in a future blog article!

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