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Maher Ventriloquist Radio

Welcome to the second episode of Maher Ventriloquist Radio. Today you'll get some good laughs as we share some horror stories from gigs we will never forget! As always, you can listen here on the blog, or download the MP3 to play when you have the time.

Want to share your own horror story? Leave a note in the comments section below!


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Tom Crowl, creator of, Professional ventriloquist.


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  • Jeffrey cox

    November 10, 2015

    I found the radio show very would never believe that the bad introductions talked about could ever happen if you werent told about these experiences.the workforce being told they are laid off or no bonus this year and then introducing the vent act? How insensitive and ignorant and generally unfeeling. It warns us never to rely upon others judgement when organising our show.keep the act self contained …simple and be involved at every stage of its organisation. The advice on ad libbing was excellent. It personalises the show for the audience and makes it personal and relevant to them. So more entertaining since it gains their focus of attention and holds it. Remember…both humour and fascination are the keys to rapport and holding the audience attention. The radio show is valuable because it spreads experience without the suffering that usually goes to pay for the lesson learnt.

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