Have you heard of an aspiring vent who orders a puppet and a week later puts in a show or makes the show around this new character? I have. It reminds me of the would-be magician who orders tricks on Monday to use on a show the following Saturday. The puppet and the tricks are not to blame. It’s the preparation of the performer.

Please know when you are ready. How how do you know that? You will know in a few ways. First, you must have a well rehearsed, audience-tested show that people want to see. That takes a lot of work, research, and practice. You will have to go through lots of low paying jobs (and often “free shows”) to get things in line.

Another factor is audience reaction. When you do you shows you need to have great audience reaction, with people laughing, clapping, and showing genuine appreciation for what you do on stage. That’s why it’s important to audio and video record your shows to listen and watch audience reaction. The feed back you get is vital.

Your wardrobe is also an important factor. The clothes you wear everyday (called “street clothes”) should not be the clothes you wear on stage. You need to dress better than the best dressed audience member, as a good impression is always important. A good, first impression gives the audience confidence in your abilities and makes it easier to “sell” your act to your attentive viewers. You look like a pro and the audience views you like the pro you are trying to be.

Careful attention to your trunks, suitcases, and all props is also part of this preparation. Give everything a good going over and clean and repair/ repaint items that need it. Once again you entire presentation is judged by your attention to details.

There are other factors as well but these are some of the more basic ones you need to master so you will be ready. Please do all working vents a favor…don’t go out to do shows until you are ready. Remember, you may take work from another by not being prepared correctly!

To contact Mark Wade: kidshowvent@gmail.com