Many of you are familiar with Mike Palma’s Figure Building Course. It is like a college education on the art of figure building. You watch over Mike’s shoulder as he takes you from design to sculpt to finished figure. There is no guess work – nothing to “figure out” – it is all there! We priced the course to reflect the amount of material and knowledge you get. Someone could take this course and start building and selling their own figures if they wanted.

Well Mike and I have finally agreed to offer a limited time chance for those “just curious” folks to get a special deal. During the month of December, Mike had agreed to lower his course by 50%! Plus, Mike has promised to send the first five people to purchase this deal – a head casting of the figure he builds in the video! This is a $70 value – FREE to the first five people who purchase the course this month.

So if you’ve ever wanted to build your own figure – or just see how it is done – this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Visit: How To Build A Ventriloquist Figure Now!