There’s an old adage, “any port will do if your ship had no rudder”, which means if you have no navigational equipment you will settle for anything. This is very true for many things, but can apply to ventriloquism. I feel a very definite roadmap for success is needed so you can find your way in our market.

How do you plot your map for success? By trying various types of vent performing before settling down into your field of specialty. When I first started out I tired everything…from comedy clubs to fair performing. Although I was good at several areas (please don’t take this as a brag!), my performing felt right working the kidshow market, so I specialized in this area. I knew if called upon I could do a good job in other markets, but it was the lure of the kidshow that called my name. When you feel that strongly about an area of performing you should follow that map that was presented to you.   Work at finding your own personal roadmap and enjoy the journey!

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