I have heard this discussion many times over the past few years and there are as many different answers as questions. I think it depends on your market and what is acceptable to your audiences. For decades magicians and vents dressed in a tuxedo, complete with bow tie, and often dressed the puppet in the same fashion. At one time this was perfectly acceptable, but times have change.

When I began my career as a kidshow vent I wore suit and tie, then switched to vests and ties. but with the more relaxed climate in entertainment nowadays, I wear a polo shirt with my logo embroidered on the left breast area of the shirt. These are golf shirts and work well in warm as well as cooler venues and the monogram gives me name recognition. It’s stylish yet the bright colors of the shirts work in my venue.

In an adult corporate event I wear a dark suit with a colorful tie. I want to portray a more sophisticated look that does not smack of kidshow.

A rule of thumb is to dress just above your audience so it looks as though you just didn’t walk in off the street to perform. Pay attention to this detail of your act. People DO judge you by your wardrobe!

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