I have had this question asked of me in lots of interviews from well meaning reporters over the years and I always have the same answer, and so should you, if you think about it. The answer is a resounding “NO”, and I will explain why.

Ventriloquism, like most things, has its ups and downs. Things gain ground, and then, sometimes they fall back. But the never go away! All life is cyclical, it goes in cycles, and the ground it gained in the eyes of the public may fall a bit but still it moves always forward. ANY gained ground is a positive.

Here is why I think we are in excellent position. First, we have social media. We have ways never before offered to us to promote and spread the word about our art. We can reach tons of people in just one posting, and these postings can keep vent in the forefront of the general public.

Next, we have lots of venues for vents to work. We have anything from cruise ships to birthday parties, and each market is important! In the past we had vents working but many did not realize it. Just because variety programs are not on the air on television to feature vents doesn’t mean it is “dying”. It just wasn’t easily seen in the public eye. YouTube keeps performing vents in front of people, and while not all vents in this media are sterling, many are entertaining.

Thanks to Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator and others, ventriloquism is being featured to audiences around the world in never seen before numbers. People ARE experiencing good things thanks to their exposure and masterful marketing.

And last, but certainly not least, people now have a path to LEARN vent in a modern, progressive way. The new Maher Interactive Course teaches vent in a way that vents in the past had to learn by reading page after page of material, always wondering if they were getting it right. Many quit through frustration..but not any more. Won’t you take the first step to help spread the word about ventriloquism? Take a look at our new Maher Interactive Course..you’ll be doing yourself and our art a big favor!images

To contact Mark: kidshowvent@gmail.com