We are all social creatures, where we believe it or not. We have a craving to be in touch with people, especially with people that like the same kinds of things we do. That’s why it’s important to keep up with your brother and sister ventriloquists.  To learn more and create new ideas is human nature.Unknown

I have found that by talking to other vents a new idea can be borne in my own head. Something that was puzzling me was suddenly made clearer by getting someone else’s point of view. Why do you think many of the great ventriloquists had a team of comedy writers, or at least on other person to bounce ideas off of. The value of TWO people working on a project is important.

When I write comedy material I am in touch with the vent and get her or his ideas before I write. It’s collaborative! Tom, Ken, and I wrote many of the Maher comedy scripts together because the ideas flowed when we sat down and started talking. And the beautiful thing about all of  this is, when you receive a custom script you can add to it or bounce if off a friend or fellow performer. You just need a starting point.

One of the reasons Clinton Detweiler had the NAAV (North American Association of Ventriloquists) was to let vents know what other vents were doing. That’s why we reinstituted the IVS (International Ventriloquists Society) so that they sharing would continue. When you open up an online issue of the “IVS Spotlight” you get ideas not only from here in the USA but from around the world! If you haven’t thought about it, maybe you should start keeping in touch with other vents through the IVS. It’s your’s for the taking!

To reach Mark Wade- kidshowvent@gmail.com