How many times have you heard people grumble about getting poor customer service at a store or by buying an online product? My guess is..many times! And why do you suppose that happens? It’s because the people who are producing and selling the product take little to no time in checking with the customer to make sure they are happy and satisfied.

We as entertainers should also make sure we are servicing our customers correctly. We need to make sure we are meeting their entertainment needs every show we do. How do we do that? You just ask them! Ask them to see if what you did met their needs and desires. Use an email as a follow up, send out a “Thank You! “ card (which I did after every school show). You’d be surprised at how much that makes a difference. I have even visited schools again a year later and found my “Thank You”card hanging up in the school office of teacher’s lounge.

Another way is to stand by the door as your audience leaves and watch them exit (if you can..) and you’d be surprised at all the positive feedback you get. If you’re a kid’s entertainer you get a double boost from not only the kids but from the teachers as well. Once in a while someone will give you a piece of constructive criticism (“We couldn’t hear you way in the back!) and then you can make corrections to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Take every opportunity to make a good impression and one of the first ways is with good customer service. This also helps build good customer loyalty!

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