Introducing Maher Ventriloquist Radio

by Mark Wade, Ken Groves & Tom Crowl

Welcome to something brand new here at Maher Studios – Maher Ventriloquist Radio!

Every Monday we will now publish a new audio episode right here on the blog. You can listen here, or download the MP3 file and listen when time permits. After the third episode, we will even submit the show to iTunes so you can subscribe to the podcast there.

This is your chance to sit down, laugh and have fun with Mark, Ken and me. Plus we’ve solved the blog comment problems so you can leave us a message in the comments below. Tell us what you think. Let us know what you’d like us to talk about. Then prepare for a ton of fun!

To Download This Episode Right Click And Save This Link!

If you subscribe to podcasts through an RSS Feed, you may do so below:

We will be submitting the podcast to iTunes in a couple of weeks, until then, we hope you’ll continue to come the blog every Monday for the latest episodes!

Note: Mark’s blog articles will now be published on Wednesdays. Don’t forget to check back!