I was talking with Mark Wade right after I wrote last week’s article.

Mark calls me on the phone a lot. He is one of my best friends.

He started the conversation as he usually does: “Tommy, what are you doing?”

Nobody calls me Tommy.

Except Mark when he asks me that question.

And that is the only time he does it. For which I am glad.

I prefer Tom.

But for some reason I don’t mind it when Mark greets me that way.

So I give him my answer.

I’ll say things like:

I’m standing here dressed in nothing but a towel.


I’ve got a cat toy stuck under the refrigerator and I’m using a my tongue to try and get it out.


I’m rubbing Neosporin all over my body … never fry bacon without clothes on …

or even

I’m headed to Ohio, Ken Groves’ Amish buggy broke down and he needs me to tow him to the nearest vet.

This time, my reply was – I just finished a blog article on the I Know reflex. Then I explained what it was about.

Mark said something that resonanted and I thought I would share it with you.

They Know … Their Version.

I think that described things perfectly.

When we think we know things, we should remember that. We know our version. We don’t know every version.

While our version may work for us, who is to say someone else may have a nugget of wisdom that will make our version even better?

And who doesn’t want to improve?

Okay, so not everybody …

Little things can:

  • make a small company into a giant company.
  • make a service stand out.
  • make us fall in love, or drive us out of our minds.
  • make a huge difference.

So many people just do their jobs. Only a small percentage go the extra mile to make it an experience.

And our version is an experience.

So keep your mind open and grow.

Learn from different sources.

And now I will let this topic rest and find something different to talk about next week!

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