It is called the I Know reflex.

I know, because I read it on the Internet, so it has to be true.

The I Know reflex hurts people in so many ways.

It stops them from learning, growing and improving their lives. Be it business life, personal life or love life.

I had to throw love life in as hommage to last week’s article. I know you read that. Right?

You start to read an article and stop because “you know.”

You start to hear something and stop listening because “you know.”

You don’t try something because “you know” it already or it won’t work.

I see this a lot in the world of ventriloquism.

I don’t need to buy that course because “I know” how to write a script.

I don’t need to buy the Maher Course or Learn-Ventriloquism because “I know” how to do ventriloquism.

I know how to do ventriloquism

I already do library shows so “I know” what to do and don’t need the lecture Mark & Tom offer.

I don’t need to join the I.V.S. because I know everything they are going to say, share or do and I’m already on the FaceBook forums for free.

The I Know Reflex causes you to dismiss things before you even consider them.

Every book, every video, every course, every shared idea, every live show, every conVENTion, every part of life – is an experience.

I’m going to share a story – then I’ll get back to the article … (and I’m pretty sure this may be something you didn’t know.)

I had been in show business full time since 1984.

I had performed on cruises, in other countries, throughout the U.S. and worked almost every market imaginable.

“I know” this business, I thought.

If I needed advice, I’d talk to one of my friends who were also professional entertainers. After all, we were in the trenches. “We knew” this stuff.

Then along comes a guy who was trying to sell business advice. How to sell your show, step up your game to play on a larger scale and how to own your business and life.

My initial reaction was, “If he is so successful, why is he selling a business course.”

I even said this to him and his reply was, “What if there were some things you didn’t know that could make a major impact in your life.”

Heck, it was a money back guarantee and I had halfway through his “course” to decide if I wanted to continue.

I shelled out $2,000 for this 10 week course. For something I was now just “pretty sure I knew.”

I bet I know what you are thinking, “$2,000 for a course? Are you crazy?”

Education isn’t cheap.

The cost of a college education is through the roof these days.

So is a real life education when you look back at how long it takes and what it costs you.

I ended up staying in that course and it opened my eyes to some things I had never considered.

Because I paid so much, I tried everything the instructor said.

I did what I was told.

I wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to work so I could get my money back.


But it worked.

As a result of that course my business flourished.

I got more shows, bigger paydays and shared laughter with so many amazing audiences.


And there is more …

If it wasn’t for that course:

  • You would not be reading this right now.
  • Learn-Ventriloquism would never have been created.
  • I wouldn’t be running Maher Studios and none of the products we have created would be available.
  • The IVS wouldn’t exist.
  • Thousands of people wouldn’t have been exposed to the information my courses and friends have shared.
  • Their audiences wouldn’t have gotten to laugh as hard.
  • I wouldn’t have made so many friends in the vent community on a global scale.
  • Two people that told me my help & encouragement saved their life (literally) may not be here.

All because I took a chance that I didn’t know everything.

That there are still things I could learn.

And there are things you can learn as well.

You just have to kick that “I Know” reflex in the butt and take a chance. Keep an open mind, and learn.

Be open to new ideas.

Invest in your education.

Put what you learn to the test and see for yourself the results that accompany the action.

If you keep saying … “I know” … you never will.

Now go ahead and do it …

Say “I know” in the comments to let me know you actually read this. I read the comments, so I will know if you didn’t …

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