I get a lot of email from people who want to learn ventriloquism.

This one arrived in my inbox the other day:

You state that you don’t really throw your voice and you can’t really tell where the sound is coming from however I attempted to do this and the people that I performed in front of told me that they could tell the voice was my own that is it was coming from me and I did a pretty good job of not moving my mouth

I’ve got to say it again – ventriloquism is not an instant gratification thing!

It is true, you can’t really throw your voice. The voice will always come from you. You can modulate the level and tones to create a distant voice sound, but it still comes from you.

It is also true people can’t tell where sound is coming from. The story of driving down the road, hearing a siren and looking around for the ambulance or fire truck proves that.

So this person, who listened to my free lessons decided to try it in front of people. Because apparently, if you do a pretty good job of not moving your lips – that is ventriloquism.


That is like borrowing someone’s cigarette and shoving it into someone else’s shirt because a magician did it. Without the full secret, you are going to be paying for that shirt.

Ventriloquism is so much more than just not moving your lips. There is a secret to this illusion too. Without the secret, you may have the same results as my intrepid writer.

Please, if you want something easy, buy some self working magic tricks. There are thousands of them.

If you want to do ventriloquism, you are going to need a lot of patience and practice.

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