I am in the process of learning an entirely new school show that I will take to Indiana shortly to present to elementary schools. The subject matter is about energy savings, you know, turning off lights, making sure the windows are closed tightly (air conditioning escapes!) and other tips to save and conserve. I wrote the show from scratch and am now putting the final touches on it before I leave. I went through a whole regiment of learning the show and wanted to share some of it with you readers.

First, I always like to use the old adage “inch by inch, it’s a cinch…yard by yard, it’s hard!”, which translates into this: learn the show a piece at a time! I practiced over and over the opening and got the wording absolutely the way that I wanted it. After that I then went to work on learning the first puppet routine (second thing in the show..) and then practiced both the opening and the first puppet..and so on.

When I was able to string all the pieces together and go through it with some precision I was able to smooth out the flow of the show. When I could go through the entire show without stopping I knew I was getting close to what I wanted and needed this show to be. I learned a long time ago it’s really difficult trying to learn the entire thing at once. That’s where confusion and frustration comes from, not learning it well enough and then trying to put it together.

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