Ever see someone arrive at a date and NOT know where every prop, every puppet, every EVERYTHING needed to go? The poor performer/vent looked lost and frustrated and this set the stage for things not to go well. That’s because they forgot to do blocking, or setting up their show… complete with all tables, trunks, and props, so they could see what the show would really be like.

While practicing a new show my wife and I went into our Florida room (large closed in porch area) and set everything up, including a long mirror so I could see what the audience would see. I practiced where each prop would go, where every table and trunk would be placed..in short, it was a ‘dress rehearsal” without the costuming.

I knew where everything should be placed. If I needed a prop I would be able to reach out effortlessly and get it. I also learned how to navigate around my stands, trunks, or what have you. Doing this simple thing was going to save me piece of mind and make the experience comfortable. When I arrived at the show location I could spring into action rather than try to figure out the order. Just for good measure I practiced taking the show down, packing it, and then setting it up again. I knew I might be on a tight schedule and by doing this in advance I could get it done efficiently.

Learn to practice everything. Leave nothing to chance, and you will feel lots better about what you do on stage!

kidshowvent@gmail.com is my email if you have any comments!

My advice..break you show down into pieces and learn each piece well. When you then put things together, you will have a great finished product. Work on your rehearsal routine!