The Controversy:

Top 10 Talented Ventriloquist Comedians in the World

On Wednesday, December 27th, a website called published an article called: Top 10 Talented Ventriloquist Comedians in the World

In the WorldVents group on FaceBook, all sorts of comments posted.

People were asking why we needed lists.

Others said it was (expletive) and there were more deserving ventriloquists.

What about …. (long list of ventriloquists.)

A bunch of people were questioning who the author was. (Note: Check the other Top 10 posts on the site – no authors are listed.)

But one thing everyone seems to assume …

That they know all the great ventriloquists.

When chances are they only know the vents that are or were visible within the vent community.

In the early 1990’s, I met Terry Fator at a fair convention while he was working with Texas the Band. I knew he was an excellent vent.

How many of you had heard of him back then?

My bet is very few of you knew who he was until he hit the screen on America’s Got Talent. Then, overnight he became a sensation worthy of being on that list.

Before that, if he was put on a Top 10 list people would have cried foul. They would have questioned if he deserved the honor.

Who is this guy “Terry Fator” that made the Top 10?

Nothing really changed.

Terry was still as talented then and very worthy of the list. The only difference was NOW you knew him. And he was famous, so he must be worthy!

There are plenty of talented working vents who:

  • don’t attend the conVENTion.
  • aren’t on TV. 
  • aren’t known to the ventriloquist community.

Yet they are out there entertaining the heck out of audiences. Working steady.

Are they good?

Darn straight, and even though they aren’t known to you, many of them deserve to be on that list too.

As I write this, I am on the road, opening as the headliner in a small casino over New Year’s weekend. The shows are sold out. My guess is many of you didn’t know that. And why should you? This performance was being sold to the general public, not ventriloquists.

I don’t usually work public shows, but my fans, clients and agents know who I am.

Visibility in the vent community or on television doesn’t equate success. I know plenty of people who have been on television and still can’t get work.

Complaining about a subjective list on a site of lists is pointless. The list wasn’t a begin all/end all authoritative list no matter what the title or site.

Everyone has their own favorites in every subject that site posts. No matter what the topic, someone won’t agree.

To the author, I say thank you for including me. I am honored to be on the list with my friends.

To those who don’t like it, the Internet is a huge place – I encourage you to go make and post your own Top 10, 20, 50 or 100 list. I’ll even be happy to share the link here.

It is time to stop griping and complaining. Let’s celebrate the positive aspects of the art. Instead of jealousy or negativity, let’s be happy when our fellow ventriloquists get positive coverage!

Maher Studios and the IVS are all about promoting the ventriloquism community. Want proof? Check out our Ventriloquism Resources page!

In that spirit I invite you to comment below with your own Top 10, 20 or 25 list!