Every year people start making resolutions. This year will be different. This year things are going to change.

But if you are like most people, they don’t.

You start off with great intentions. But something gets in the way. Something becomes more important. Something keeps you from making the positive change.

It may take too much time.
It might require too much energy.
Change may need your focus, and other things pop up that steal that away.
You might feel you don’t have enough willpower.
Or maybe mental resistance tells you it won’t work.

Change requires a high priority. You can’t just decide to become better. If you could simply decide, everyone would do it.

You have to work on it. Everyday. You have to push your boundaries constantly to make them stretch.

When you plan your New Year’s Resolutions, you have to decide if you like the idea more than you would enjoy enforcing the results.

How much time will this change require each and every day? Can you really devote that amount of time to making it happen?

Our brains tend to respond to cues in our environment. It expects rewards for certain behaviors. And changes are often invisible at the start. They take time to manifest in our lives. Which makes it even harder to make new habits stick.

If you are serious about making change this year, I’d like to recommend two excellent books.



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And we all know – change takes action. Don’t let procrastination win.