I was watching Youtube the other day. My schedule doesn’t always allow that. It amazes me the amount of ventriloquism there. From instruction, to acts, to rehearsals to I’m not sure what they are doing.

One of the things that bugs me the most is the instruction. Not all of it. Yes, I sell courses that teach. But that isn’t the reason it bothers me. What upsets me is bad instruction.

We are in the day and age where anyone can make a video. Post it on YouTube and you are distributing it to the world. And everyone thinks they are an expert. They learn something and share it instantly.

What they don’t do is perfect it. And it is hard to teach without a true understanding of what goes into it.

It isn’t just ventriloquism. Youtube search for any magic trick and chances are, you will find an expose’ video. For some reason people think it is okay to buy a magic trick and then show everyone how it is done. What a waste.

When I started ventriloquism, I watched a lot of Youtube. I thought some of the videos may help. But I quickly realized most of the instructors couldn’t do it.

I went to Ken Groves. He challenged audiences to watch his lips. He could say B,F,M,P & V without moving his lips. And the words sounded correct. Not muffled by some substitution.

Did I start teaching right away? No. I took what I learned and worked on it. Put it into close to 250-300 shows a year for several years. Learning the entire time.

When I created the Learn-Ventriloquism Course, it was because people asked if I could teach them. I wasn’t interested in offering one-on-one instruction. So I created the course to help anyone interested in learning.

If you are interested in learning ventriloquism, there are plenty of free options out there. All I ask is you be careful. Consider the source. Do they really have the expertise to teach? Or are they just sharing something they have learned or purchased somewhere else? And if so, what qualifies them to actually help you?


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