Today, Mark Wade released the news:

BIG NEWS FOR VENT HAVEN ConVENTion FANS! We are changing hotels … our new home will be the Cincinnati Airport HOLIDAY INN (which is one exit from our former location). We will also have a new way of registering, so check our website: for details. Get Excited !!

In mid-August, Mark, Ken Groves & I met up in Kentucky to tour the new hotel. Walking in, it felt familiar. That is because the same company that owned the Holiday Inn, also built the Marriott. The atrium look, the restaurant – although mirror reversed, had the appeal of the Marriott BEFORE the renovation.

The Marriott was purchased by another company. Their new “design” felt impersonal and cold to many. It was no longer the friendly, bright atmosphere. That company also sprang news of the continuing renovations on Mark a few days before he arrived for the 2017 conVENTion. They promised him they would not do any construction while we were there. Yet they continued the entire time, painting and even sanding plaster in the hallways. (Nothing like getting plaster dust in the eyes & throat as you went from the elevators to the showroom …)

The Marriott staff also attempted to shut down our hospitality suite. Twice. There were just too many problems to overlook. The conVENTion management wants to make sure everyone has a great time. They can’t do that when the venue management isn’t living up to its agreement. So – the change.

I believe the Holiday Inn will be a great fit. The Showroom will be a bit smaller, and set up a bit different than before. But the hospitality area – yes – area – is much larger. Plus it is isolated from the rooms so there will be no more “complaints.”



The biggest news of all – YOU CAN NOT book a room WITHOUT a booking code! We have had people book rooms in the conVENTion block, knowing they could cancel if they decided not to attend. ┬áThis became a problem for people who registered only to find out our room block was full. They had to stay at another location. When the unregistered folks decided to cancel, this hurt our room numbers. So it was a problem for everyone.

This year, registration for the conVENTion will open in October. By registering early, you not only save money, but will get the hotel booking code so you can reserve your room! People who register late may need to find other accommodations. (We’ll help – but it makes sense to register early so you can stay where the action is!)

Check out the new Vent Haven ConVENTion website now and keep checking back for the latest updates.