About a month ago, I wrote an article called How To Become Famous. If you haven’t read it, just click the link. I’ll wait for you to get back.

Someone mentioned that with the invention of social media and YouTube, it has become easier to become famous. They pointed out these were tools that Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator didn’t have at the start.

It is true, social media and YouTube have changed the game.

But that doesn’t make fame any easier.

In the social media world, everyone has a voice.

No one voice is any stronger than another.

The chances of someone finding you are actually smaller than the old days.

Back then, Johnny Carson was the show to watch on TV.

That was where people needed to be if they wanted to become household names. That is the reason Jeff Dunham busted his butt to get his act ready for Carson.

And even then, the Carson appearance was only a stepping stone.

As I was writing this article, I Googled how many hours are uploaded to YouTube every minute?

300 hours.

Think about that.

It would be impossible for someone to watch every video on YouTube.

That is why you will see some videos with only a few views. (In fact, I have quite a few of those myself!)

So can you get famous on YouTube? Or FaceBook? Or Instagram? Or Snapchat? Or Twitter? Or any one of a thousand other social media sites?


BUT first you have to be ready!

What would make you stand out from every other video or entertainer on those sites?

When someone is jumping through videos, what is going to set you apart?

Jeff’s Achmed video launched him into the stratosphere. He and his team kept watching the numbers climb. Why?

Because Achmed was not your average ventriloquist figure.

He stood out.

He was memorable.

He had a catch phrase that caught on – similar to the old Wendy’s commercial: “Where’s The Beef?”

People everywhere were screaming “Silence! I Keel You!”

The routine was sharp, relevant and hilarious.

Let’s face it:

If you aren’t memorable, you become one of the countless videos someone saw.

How good must you be to grab the attention of someone and have them watch your video?

Do you realize most people lose interest in a video within the first 30 seconds?

Sometimes sooner.

If you open with a 10 second credit or title screen, you will lose them before they even see you.

And if your first seconds don’t wow them, chances are they will never watch your hilarious ending.

Do you know what your YouTube video retention rates are?

If you aren’t sure, Google that and learn how to check your stats. They can be telling.

How entertaining does the video have to be to compel people to share it with others?

Shares, likes and views are what make you or break you on Social Media.

Jeff Dunham & Terry Fator had already built up a fan base through touring and national television exposure.

Many of those fans followed them to social media.

They were the ones responsible for liking the videos and sharing them. As a result of their efforts, more people saw the videos and shared them.

It became a snowball effect.

So hoping to become famous through social media or YouTube is actually as much if not more hard work than the old days.

Not only must you have the act and talent to make it, but you must understand the platform and what drives it.

And for that, you need to work hard.

There is no alternative.

Remember, it doesn’t matter which route you take in your quest for fame, the rules are the same.

And if you think you are ready, why hasn’t it happened?

Don’t use excuses, find ways to overcome the problems.

That is what successful people do.