For years as a full time traveling childen’s ventriloquist I struggled with the idea of whether or not to use a backdrop, a curtain behind me  for my shows.  For years I didn’t until my wife Jody suggested I try using one ..and it made all the difference in the world!

At a school or library  you often aren’t in the most perfect places to do a show.  With a simple, easy to put up backdrop you can turn a corner or unslightly area into a small stage.  It makes you look better to the audience, they can see the puppets better without distractions of what’s behind you, plus it gives you a place to hang out before the show and a place to store your suitcase and slip covers for your equipment.

Where would I NOT use a backdrop ?:  outdoor shows where the backdrops becomes a sail in windy conditions, or a birthday party or daycare center.  Now I might have some that might say “Hey, I use a backdrop curtain everywhere I go!”  and maybe that’s true for some, but by and large you need to be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly with setting up a backdrop.

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