As ventriloquists we have many different choices to make….soft puppets” vs. “hard puppets”; costuming; stage settings… but the most important choice is to find the right venue  to do your shows.  Hopefully I can shed some light on this topic in this installment.

First important question:  What is your comfort zone when it comes to performing?  Do you like doing shows for mostly adults or mostly kids?  Or do you prefer a family mixture of both grown-ups and children?  You should try all three of these areas to see which one appeals to you the most.

Maybe you’ve found that you can do a little in all of these areas, if so, good for you.  But the next question is, do you have the material to carry each type of show?  Remember not “one size fits all” when it comes to performing, so be sure you are truly entertaining with the comedy material you are using for that market.

The important thing is to feel CONFIDENT in the market that you choose and be PROUD to be in that market.  There is not one better than another, each is equally important in the world of ventriloquism.  Whatever you choose, represent that arena of performing to the best of your ability.  Learn about it, read about it, and grow in that market.  That is the sign of a true “pro”.

Happy venting…


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